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Dive O2 First Aid - by Spiracle Technology

Dive O2 First Aid products are essential in situations where traditional emergency medical services are out of reach. We have decades of experience manufacturing gas supply products. Our OX-Inhalator is the critical component of any Oxygen First Aid Kit. The Ox-Inhalator provides 100% source gas to a breathing patient, buying crucial time to reach medical care providers.

Spiracle Technology is an experienced manufacturer of emergency oxygen equipment. Spiracle has been operating and providing quality service for more than 25 years. In this time Spiracle Technology has learned what it means to be a top quality provider of Emergency Oxygen Equipment. Spiracle Technology is there in your most critical moments.


SeaHorse Double $518

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The OX-series Inhalators provide 100% source gas to the breathing patient with minimal respiratory effort. The new exhalation diaphragm and housing have been engineered to reduce expiratory resistance. The OX-series Inhalator’s compact and lightweight design weighs only 3 ounces (87 grams). The Valox 508 polyester material resists corrosion reducing the chance for product failure and increasing product life. Significant improvements to response times, sensitivity and flow make the OX-series Inhalator the valve of choice for spontaneously breathing patients requiring 100% source gas. The OX-series Inhalator has been designed to work under ideal conditions or in the harshest environments. The OX-series Inhalator is a dependable source for the delivery of oxygen to spontaneous breathing victims of aquatic injuries, dive accidents, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Respiratory care departments, dental anesthesiology, off shore drilling rigs and remote dive locations are ideal for the OX-series Inhalator.
The durable OX-series Inhalator operates from a standard 50 psi gaseous oxygen source.


BravO2 Model 830

The BravO2 regulator body is constructed from a solid piece of brass, creating a uni-body style regulator that
provides added strength and safety. All internal high pressure metallic components and passage ways, that
see the initial cylinder pressure, are brass. These quality crafted brass components will not burn under 10,000
psi, and create a safe and effective regulator. The regulator is nickel plated, providing an attractive corrosion resistant finish. The BravO2 regulators are available in CGA 870 and 540 configurations. Regulators may be configured with the standard low-profile pressure/contents gauge or a 0-4000 psi gauge with integrated blowout disc. The BravO2 regulators will provide emergency care professionals, fire, police, safety and rescue personnel with dependable and accurate pressure regulation.

CPR Mask

The CPR Mask is designed to be used by a wide range of rescuers. From the trained medical
professional to the first responder, the CPR Mask offers excellent protection for both the rescuer and victim. The CPR Mask provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and victim, eliminating direct contact of the rescuer’s lips with an unknown subject. The mask utilizes a disposable one way valve with incorporated hydrophobic filter media helping to prevent the passage of liquids and secretions. The soft pliable inflated cuff on the mask aids in creating a proper mask seal. The clear mask dome allows the rescuer to view the patent’s lip and skin color while also being able to check for vomit and secretions. Supplemental oxygen can be delivered during ventilation, or to the spontaneously breathing patient, through the enrichment port on the mask.
The CPR Mask compact size and durable clam shell storage case allow the device to be stored where the rescuer needs it most...close at hand. Whether it’s in a pocket, desk, glove compartment, airway bag or crash cart, it’s good to know you have a CPR Mask at hand for an emergency requiring CPR.

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