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The OX-Series Inhalator provides 100% source gas to the breathing patient with minimal inspiratory effort. The new exhalation diaphragm and housing have been engineered to reduce expiratoryresistance. The OX-series Inhalator’s compact and lightweight design weighs only 3 ounces (87 grams).The Valox 508 polyester material resists corrosion reducing the chance for product failure and increasingproduct life. Signifi cant improvements to response times, sensitivity and fl ow make the OX-series Inhalatorthe valve of choice for spontaneously breathing patients requiring 100% source gas. The OX-series Inhalator is a dependable source for the delivery of oxygen to spontaneous breathingvictims of aquatic injuries, dive accidents, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Respiratorycare departments, dental anesthesiology, off shore drilling rigs and remote dive locations are ideal for theOX-series Inhalator.


    • Pressure Trigger:    < -2.0cm H2O
    • Inspiratory Resistance (@100 lpm):    -3.2cm H2O
    • Expiratory Resistance (@100 lpm):    3.8cm H2O
    • Gas Flow:    0-160lpm @ 40psig
    • Flow Termination:    >= Ambient Pressure
    • Operating Temperature:     -30˚ to 125˚F (-34˚ to 52˚C)
    • Storage Temperature:    -40˚ to 160˚F (-40˚ to 71˚C)
    • Inlet Gas Pressure:    40-90psig
    • Dimensions (Diameter, Width, Height):    1.87in(4.74cm), 2.28in(5.79cm), 2.79in(7.08cm)
    • Weight:    3 oz.(87 grams) weight w/o hose.
    • Materials:    Valox 508 polyester, stainless steel, brass, aluminum

NOTICE: Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to fulfill international orders through the website. If you are not in the U.S and are interested in our products please email or call.

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