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The BravO2 regulator body is constructed from a solid piece of brass, creating a uni-body style regulator that provides added strength and safety. All internal high pressure metallic components and passage ways, that see the initial cylinder pressure, are brass. These quality crafted brass components will not burn under 10,000 psi, and create a safe and effective regulator. The regulator is nickel plated, providing an attractive corrosion
resistant finish. The BravO2 regulators will provide emergency care professionals, fi re, police, safety and rescue personnelwith dependable and accurate pressure regulation.

BravO2 Oxygen Regulator

SKU: 830
    • Flow Specifications:    0 to 25lpm (1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 25)
    • Flow Accuracy:    +- 10% of reading
    • High Flow Port(s) Spec.:    > 180lpm
    • Inlet Pressure:    500 to 3000psi / 34.45 to 206.7bar
    • Regulated Pressure:    57psig @ 2000 psi / 3.93 @ 137.8bar
    • Gauge: Low profile 0 - 3000 psi gauge
    • Materials: 360 Brass, Electroless Nickel Plate, Teflon, Aluminum, Silicone, Viton, EPR


    • Diameter:    1.4in / 3.55cm
    • Overall Length:    5.93in / 15.06cm (w/ T-Handle locked)
    • Weight:    1.7 lbs / .77kg

NOTICE: Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to fulfill international orders through the website. If you are not in the U.S and are interested in our products please email or call.

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