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The SeaHorse is the perfect oxygen kit for rough environments such as: dive first aid, charter boats, marine boat use, aquatic pool, industrial oil rigs, industrial mines, cruise ships, and many more applications. The SeaHorse Double features a polypropylene shell and a water tight seal keeping your supplies safe in harsh aquatic and land environments. With two Jumbo-D aluminum cylinders and approximatly 107 minutes(at 12 lpm) worth of Oxygen, the SeaHorse Double can buy you crucial time to reach the care you need.

SeaHorse Double

SKU: 001
    • 2 Jumbo-D Cylinders (647.1 L when filled at 2216 psi)
    • 1 Model 302 Ox-Inhalator Demand Valve with 6 ft. hose and disposable mask.
    • 1 Model 830 Regulator with 2 DISS high flow outlets, and 1 constant flow selector barb outlet.
    • CPR pocket mask with gloves and alcohol wipe
    • Simple oxygen mask with hose and reservoir bag
    • Pelican Case with foam inserts

NOTICE: Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to fulfill international orders through the website. If you are not in the U.S and are interested in our products please email or call.

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